Dummer Golf Club

Greenkeepers – All in a day's work...

Alan King is our Head Greenkeeper at Dummer Golf Club. He is in charge and responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Golf Course, to make it look stunning and consistent. From the early start to tasks having to be done at a certain time, whilst negotiating visiting golfers – there is nothing easy about greenkeeping.

Here Alan takes us through a typical day as he maintains the Golf Course, to ensure golfers have an enjoyable experience and ultimately keep coming back.  

To say that I have the best job in the world is putting it mildly. Every day is different, tasks are allocated to other staff members, machinery is routinely checked and then its right out on the golf course.

Our golfers are on the first tee as early as 7 am, so we like to stay out of sight while setting up the course.  When the team clocks in at 5.30 am there is often little time to spare. As a greenkeeper, you require a lot of flexibility, we are often expected to do workarounds doing a little here and a little there through the day with play.

Of course, the weather is always there to contend with. It cannot be ignored and is continually monitored as it constantly influences deadlines and changes schedules. Having been a greenkeeper for many years now, I cannot say that the weather really bothers me that much, my focus always remains on the maintenance of the golf course.   

Monitoring the Golf Course

Greenkeepers are involved in keeping an eye on the Golf Course and noticing the greatest wear and tear to areas that are frequently visited.  As part of the job, we highlight where a little more care and attention is required, raising the awareness to Steve Wright, the General Manager.  

Walking is one of the most basic ways to enjoy the outdoors. I do feel privileged to be able to do this every day. 

I get time to spend time surrounded by nature and fully aware of the seasonal changes - come rain or shine! 

Being Available

Over and above the role of a greenkeeper, we also end up assisting with the general upkeep of the Golf Club where we can. We have been known to remove large quantities of unwanted rubbish, the occasional landscape development concerning fallen trees, and maintaining golf course furniture on the patio!  It is always satisfying knowing that you have been able to provide the best possible playing conditions for golfers who are there to have fun and have a great experience at Dummer Golf Club.

My work is constant, and the days can be long, but my job is to ensure that the golf course is perfect every day, all season long. It is heavy-duty, I will not lie but then I take pride in the maintenance of the course. It is great knowing that my efforts are appreciated by golfers who want and enjoy a fun day of golf. The feedback and comments provided by golfers are so much appreciated and do mean a great deal to both me and the team.

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